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Why I cut my hair?

Ok, i have an inbox full as to why i cut my hair. ….. So here’s why i cut my hair. During the first day of my “Push” 21 Day fast God began to give me revelation on my life and that it was time for me to walk in my newness, in the miracles and blessings God has set a side just for me. He showed me a piece of hair, at the top was fresh new hair and at the bottom was dead hair. He began to break down that the old hair was suffocating and killing the new. Then he began to walk me threw how certain people in my life were killing my walk with him. So he told me they must be cut off in order for the newness of him to a rise in me. So i did and as my sacrifice to him I cut off all the old , to await the new. I’m telling you this because I am not a shame of my God! He has done more for me than anybody will every know. And I love and thank him more than the stars in the sky.

I did the Big Chop yesterday! It had nothing to do with you are anyone else. I want this addressed before hand. It had to do with my spiritual walk of …. Newness. So keep your negative comments cause I don’t wanna hear them. If u have an opinion u keep it to yourself. #beblessed #godisgood #bigchop #naturallycurly #naturalista #naturalhairstyles #naturalgirlsrock

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